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Graphic and Cetera

Award-winning cartoonist. Illustrator.
Designer of business-type things (packaging, branding, promotion, advert, technical).
Children's book illustration. Portraiture & caricature



Cut Paper


Book Illustration








Writing and Voice

I read a book a day, and I've learned some things about writing. So I write.
I write humorously. I write earnestly. I write to inform, and to amuse.

I have a pleasant alto voice and, once upon a time, wanted to be a singer. Instead, I majored in theater. I'm a voice actor.

About Me

coffee & a muffin

I think up stuff. I make stuff. I use any medium that suits what I'm trying to create. From pencil, ink, and paint, to wood, metals, ceramic, and textiles. I don't blow glass (yet), a fact I find disappointing.

I got my first paying gig as a designer while I was in high school (back before it was in color) shortly after winning a blue ribbon in the Scholastic Art Competition. I've worked pretty consistently since.

I penned a weekly comic strip that featured a cast of lesbian and gay characters; it won some awards. I published two books. I co-founded a women's performing arts company. It won some awards. I married my co-director on a bridge at a women's music festival. We had a couple of kids. (Amazing, incredible, brilliant and very good-looking kids). Nearly twenty years later, when Massachusetts did the right thing, we made it legal.

My son is a fashion model and programmer (See? Smart and good-looking), my daughter is an artist and comedian studying sustainable agriculture.

We have two Carolina Dogs (aka American Dingoes) - native American wild dogs. We also have one lunatic flame-point Siamese.


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